Stimulus: Extract from The Sculptor, by Scott McCloud.

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Issue 10 · August 2019

Homeward We Remember

Homeward We Remember

1 Of the future we had been talking. Other lives are there when in other words we may speak of picturing the world in plain sight We are seeking words unwritten of that untimely moment of the style and the man. His reading of life was restless, an aesthetic of action...

In a knot of time

The sky of every night is not the first sky 
As men lift up their eyes 
To only find the stars and no more 

Hidden in the thread

Thread on fabric [200 x 200cm]& A conversation on the piece with Vasiliki Poula

Words doing justice – A memoir from Palestine

There are things they do not tell you about occupied Palestine. You see, there are two types of cities. The first is built to be seen, to be gazed at. To have its curved vernaculars adored and to have the words “hundred years” roll off the tongues of elegantly-practiced private guides.

The Salvage

The Salvage

Oh, to be back in the fine days of my youth, there were beautiful ships – clippers with tall masts touching the sky, challenging God himself. Fine strong men in them, men that were sons of the sea.

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