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From an essay investigating the relationship between religion and mathematics, to a mixed-media complex of ‘phantom islands’, as well as poems, short stories and a historical retelling of Robert Shaw’s life, issue 14 has something for every taste!

On the weekly: Success in Circuit Lies – by Myko Philip

‘In Hill’s later poetry, one is consistently caught unawares by some slantwise piercing glance. Amidst the rumbling ground bass of gnarled density and difficulty, a keen pure tone sometimes shines through.’

Past Issues:

Issue 12 - October 2019

Stimulus: The floor plan of the Sagrada Familia designed by Antoni Gaudi.

Issue 11 - September 2019

Stimulus: A short scene from Ariel Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden.

Issue 10 - August 2019

Stimulus: A series of panels from Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor.

Issue 9 - July 2019

Stimulus: The poem ‘A worker reads history’, by Bertolt Brecht.

Issue 8 - June 2019

Stimulus: A sheet of Tibetan music written using the ‘Yang-Yig’ system of notation.

Issue 7 - May 2019

Stimulus: A page of T.S. Eliot’s manuscript of ‘The Waste Land’, with comments and edits by Ezra Pound.

Issue 6 - April 2019

Stimulus: An extract on the aesthetics of Japanese toilets from Jun’ichirō Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows.

Issue 5 - March 2019

Stimulus: The triumph of a ‘degenerate’, a painting based on Paul Klee’s ‘Park Bei Lu’.

Issue 4 - February 2019

Stimulus: A folk Polish tune, as drawn up by Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńska and Tadeusz Sygietyński.

Issue 3 - January 2019

Stimulus: The opening scene to A Clockwork Orange, written by Anthony Burgess, and directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Issue 2 - December 2018

Stimulus: A letter by Bertrand Russell to Lady Ottoline Morrel describing his recent encounter with Wittgenstein.

Issue 1 - November 2018

Stimulus: An extract from Dante’s address to the reader in Paradiso: II: 1-7

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About the journal

Our piccioletta barca, or ‘little boat’, aims to embark upon a journey without a destination; a platform from which we can explore interests and passions from a diverse group of disciplines. Ranging from music to art, philosophy and literature, we have attempted to delve into the intricacies of thought, without allowing content or form to constrain us.

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From poets to painters, musicians to interviewers, and philosophers to historians, the contributors of La Piccioletta Barca are what give our journal its identity.

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