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La Piccioletta Barca - Issue 19

The Thread

The Thread is La Piccioletta Barca’s bi-weekly essayistic column, where writers are given the liberty to explore their ideas over a series of articles. Departing from the stimulus format of our monthly issues, ‘threads’ of articles in this column are woven together either thematically or stylistically. The Thread takes its name from Pope’s Essay on Man:

     “The spider’s touch, how exquisitely fine! Feels at each thread, and lives along the line”


Thus, we aim to provide writing that “feels at each thread” of the mingled webs of our lives; that lightly but deftly touches on the various feelings, objects, memories, and passions that pervade our days, crystallising them into psychological and artistic truth.

On Poetic Creation

by Nacho Oliden


Embarking on a journey into the past – from ancient Greece, across the Seine and the Sistine Chapel, to Hollywood and America – this is an exploration of the intricacies of the poetic process, the interaction of poetry with history and philosophy and the uniqueness of different art forms.


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