The Thread

In The Thread writers are given the liberty to explore their ideas over a series of articles. Departing from the stimulus format of our monthly issues, ‘threads’ of articles in this column are woven together either thematically or stylistically. The Thread takes its name from Pope’s Essay on Man:

     “The spider’s touch, how exquisitely fine! Feels at each thread, and lives along the line”

Thus, we aim to provide writing that “feels at each thread” of the mingled webs of our lives; that lightly but deftly touches on the various feelings, objects, memories, and passions that pervade our days, crystallising them into psychological and artistic truth.

On Self-Improvement

by Eponine Howarth


A series exploring loss, memory, romantic relationships and purposive reading. A mix of essays, short stories and a list of gardening tips for beginners. Learn how to become Umberto Eco’s Model Reader, how to save words and about the art of tweaking neurones.

On The Five Elements

by Joude Bazzoun


Contemplations on mother nature and the elements. These three short personifications of nature as a creative and controlling force affecting humans, explore the motherly qualities of the sea, the wind and the rain. Paintings by the artist accompany the texts and offer a visual voyage from the comfort of your home.

On Poetic Creation

by Nacho Oliden


Embarking on a journey into the past – from ancient Greece, across the Seine and the Sistine Chapel, to Hollywood and America – this is an exploration of the intricacies of the poetic process, the interaction of poetry with history and philosophy and the uniqueness of different art forms.


On Loss and Solitude

by Pamela Mandell


Ruminations on the natural cycles of life and death inspired by the bildungsroman of a life companion. The Noki Trilogy, named after the author’s canine companion, builds on casual conversations in the form of three short stories, stimulating all five senses, and exploring the depth and clarity of the perception of loss.

On Writers and Writing

by Geoffrey Heptonstall


An investigation of the writer’s challenges in accepting reality, the inevitability of change in order to discover the truth and the life of words independent from their writer. This ensemble of short essays proposes a journey across Santiago de Cuba, San Francisco, Cape Ann, Cambridge and Avignon through diary entries


On Philosophical Thought

by Facundo Rodriguez


An exploration of the abstraction of modern thought and its interaction with shared practice. Featuring Boethius, Ortega y Gasset, Marx, Kant and many more, this series of pieces employs both prose and verse to explore the depths of human nature, and the existential impact of creation.

On The Self and The Other

by Daniel Olivier


An anatomy of human connections, their joys and disappointments. A compilation of short stories which investigate the value of conversations in the dark, the disappointments of author pictures, the pleasures of TSA inspection, and provide tips on how to avoid the cold desperation of being lonely, while steering clear from the prickly pain of being with other people. 

On Poetic Truth

by Myko Philip


An exploration of the intricacies of a poetic life, including the experience the artfulness of objects and the desire to shake off automated routines. This collection of essays sheds light on how one’s literary inclinations can guide attention, perception and actions, explains why some words stick, and, satisfies the reader’s pursuit of revelations, settling for a moment of modest epiphany.

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