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La Piccioletta Barca - Issue 19


Our team is comprised of a small core of regular contributors, exploring and developing their craft across multiple issues. However, we are always eager to showcase pieces from independent contributors who wish to join us on our journey!

Editorial Team

Konstantinos Doxiadis - Editor

I’m a third-year philosophy undergraduate at Cambridge interested in philosophy of language and formal logic, with an emphasis on the relation between formal and natural languages.

Vasiliki Poula - Editor

I am a second-year Law student at LSE, where I am mostly interested in constitutional reform and the impact of the uncodified constitution on the judicial interpretation of statutes.

Konstantis Alexopoulos - Photography Editor

I’m an ocean science and marine conservation student at the University of Plymouth, with a passion for traveling and visual storytelling.

Theoni Androulidaki - Arts Editor

The more technical and practical mindset offered by my studies of Management at the University of Bath, as well as my evolving and lively engagement in the field of Arts, and especially of Visual Arts, have nurtured within me a passion to create and communicate new ideas and thoughts.

Kimon & Myrtias - Poetry Editors

We are Kimon and Myrtias, or sometimes, Myrtias and Kimon, spawn of Cavafy, and revered guardians of the fictional writer’s guild.

Eponine Howarth - Editor of The Thread

I’m a second year law student at LSE, with already three years of politics and international relations under my belt.

Design and Management

Georgina Castagneto - Resident Artist

I’m a graphic design student from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Regular Contributors

Eszter Bencsik

I’m called Eszter and the task of rendering anything to this name seems like a sabotage – it’d have the well-known divine ambitions of creating a self.

John Eleftheriadis

I’m a second year Maths and Computer Science student in Oxford, with main interests in algebra, mathematical logic, and computability theory. 

Peter Engen

I move about my circles in an area of the American Midwest- the hills and unglaciated valleys of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Isabel Hernández-Gil Crespo

I’m a second-year philosophy student at Cambridge, originally from Madrid. 

Xaris Kalaitzidis

After a disappointing year of law, I now study Human, Social, and Political Sciences at Cambridge.

Siri Livingston

As a first-year Music student at Cambridge, I’d like my writings to convey to you the intense wonder, appreciation, and even transcendence I feel in relation to composition and music appreciation.

George Moyssiadis

I have been playing the piano for as long as I can remember, on the Bösendorfer grand of our living-room. For many years, I would only play in a classical manner, until I started challenging myself to play pieces whose music sheets I could not find.

Jonathan Neo

I usually spend Saturday evenings at the Millennium Bridge with a guitar, seeking generosity for my poetic pursuits.

Daniel Olivieri

I am a recent graduate of Kenyon College living in Philadelphia and working as a computer programmer.

Myko Philip

I am a first-year undergraduate reading English at Hughes Hall.

Mackenzie Schubert

I am a recent graduate of the William Paterson University in New Jersey, where I studied English, writing, psychology, and Japanese. I write to navigate the complexities of personhood. 

Staffan Scheutz

I grew up in Sweden and read philosophy. My interests include history, especially European history from the Middle Ages to Early Modern times, and Swedish literature.

Kada Williams

I’m in my second year at Cambridge, studying math after many years of mathematical olympiads in Hungary and the US.

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