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La Piccioletta Barca - Issue 16

Toccata Frigia

A piano piece drawing inspiration from the first part of Keith Emerson’s ‘Tarkus’. The structure is mostly modal, based on the Phrygian (dominant) mode, and the time signature is 5/8 in the first part and 5/4 in the second.

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John Eleftheriadis

John Eleftheriadis

I’m a third-year Maths and Computer Science student at Oxford, with main interests in algebra, mathematical logic, and computability theory. While I undeniably take pleasure in the analytic and precise thinking required in mathematics, I equally enjoy and appreciate the freedom and creativity found in the arts, especially in music. As a musician, my influences span from the jazz, rock, and contemporary classical idioms, to Greek and Balcan folk music, admiring composers such as Bela Bartok, Frank Zappa, Steve Reich, and Keith Emerson amongst others. My avid interests in maths and music meet in a somewhat unorthodox way: I enjoy a piece of music iff its in an odd time signature.

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