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La Piccioletta Barca - Issue 16


Still life on the gauze
Nature’s decay carries on
Now there is proof

The painted blossom
Ink drawn from a sakura
Does not know decay

Look at the butterflies
They know about loneliness
And only live for a day

As the sun rises
So too does the day commence
Doomed to end again

If not first burned
How would the phoenix rise
Reborn from ashes

One man sees a phoenix
Another, just a chicken.
Who is deranged?

But who’s to say?
For one’s insanity
is the other’s truth

The annals of man
Are the story of madness
Paired with a few fools

Yelling at echoes
They always get the last word
Like chasing shadows

To catch the shadows
You should choose one of two roads:
Pure darkness, or, light


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