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La Piccioletta Barca - Issue 15

About the Journal

Our piccioletta barca, or ‘little boat’, aims to embark upon a journey without a destination; a platform from which we can explore interests and passions from a diverse group of disciplines. Ranging from music to art, philosophy and literature, we have attempted to delve into the intricacies of thought, without allowing content or form to constrain us.

Each issue is centred around a stimulus, which we will approach and investigate from different angles, producing pieces upon the thoughts and feelings that it inspires. Due to the inherently subjective nature of associations, many of the works produced will have little to no apparent relations to the stimulus. Instead, we ask that the works are treated as independent projects, and hope that they stimulate discourse and inspiration for the reader, as much as they do for us.

After all, it is these journeys in the streams of thought that matter. Or, in the words of Dante:

[Dante’s address to the reader in Paradiso: II: 1-7]

And so we cast off.